R.pellicer x Daxis Design

February 14, 2012 / Illustration, Process, Work / 0 Comments

I recently worked on another collaboration project with my great friend, R.pellicer.  R.pellicer makes fashionable-yet-functional laptop bags and has collaborated with various artists for its Artist Series Bag line.

R.pellicer Artist Series Bag #7, featuring my hand-drawn illustration, is now available at R.pellicer online store.  Entire illustration is drawn freehand with archival-quality permanent markers.  My very first R.pellicer Artist Series Bag was sold out soon after it was released.  So you should go grab it before it’s gone forever!

Below are photos showing the process of my illustration work.

I first did a light sketching on the bag with a pencil before working with markers.  Drawing directly on the heavy cotton canvas fabric with a maker was a little bit of challenge, especially when I was using the ultra-fine-point marker for the hair, due to the heavily-textured fabric surface.

Once I was completely done with the illustration on the back of R.pellicer bag, I started working on the front pocket illustration. This time, I didn’t do any sketching with a pencil.

Nowadays, you can find R.pellicer products and also meet Rochelle Pellicer, the designer and owner of the brand, at various events in Southern California.  If you like R.pcllier products, make sure that you follow her on Twitter or Facebook to stay updated on their upcoming sales or events.