My “Roxy Apparel Graphics 2012” Project Featured at Coroflot

August 7, 2012 / Illustration, Work / 0 Comments

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you probably already know that I had a nice little surprise this morning:  I received an e-mail from Coroflot, notifying me that my “Roxy Apparel Graphics 2012” project is featured on their website today.  What a great way to start Tuesday!

I was literally surprised because I actually just posted the Roxy apparel graphics to my online portfolio and Coroflot yesterday.

Thank you so much, Coroflot, for featuring my work!

Oh, by the way, if you’re an artist or designer but are not familiar with Coroflot, make sure to go visit their website.  Coroflot is where designers or artists can create online portfolios for free and also a great website for job seekers.  I highly recommend creating your free online portfolio at Coroflot and upload your work today if you haven’t done so, yet.  Many companies — both small and big — such as Oakley, Vans, and BCBG use Coroflot to find their next new hires.  Also, you may be surprised to see how many people directly contact you through Coroflot to let you know about their company’s new freelance or full-time opportunities.