How to Restore a Deleted FeedBurner Feed URL

March 21, 2011 / Tutorials / 36 Comments

Update May 18, 2011: Antonea Nabors from VelvetAnt recently posted on her blog about what you need to do (link no longer available) if “you deleted your Google account and lost access to FeedBurner”.

Soon after I created my very first self-hosted blog, I was playing with Google FeedBurner feed setting and accidentally deleted my feed URL.  Luckily, I found a way to restore it after hours of trial and error.  It’s actually very simple and easy to restore a deleted feed URL.  Here’s what you need to do….

Note: This method works if you deleted your feed only.  If you deleted your Google account along with your feed, then this method wouldn’t work for you.

1. Go to FeedBurner and log in.  Once you log in and see the main page like shown in the screenshot above, type your website/blog address.  I typed my old blog address——as an example.  Click “Next”.

2. You will probably get an error message like this.  Delete the “Feed URL” that’s shown in the error message.  In the Feed URL box, type your website address and add /?feed=rss2 at the end of your website address.

3. Since I’m using as an example, I would type  Then click “Next”.

4. Now you should see a “welcome” message like this and your feed URL should be all restored!  If typing /?feed=rss2 after your website address didn’t work, try typing /?feed=rss instead.

Unfortunately, if you had subscribers, I’m not sure if your subscribers would be restored as well.  When I accidentally deleted mine, I had just created my blog and didn’t have subscribers.

If you were able to get your subscribers back when you restored your feed URL, please let me know by leaving a comment here.  I would love to know how this method works for blogs with subscribers!