Bye Bye, GoDaddy

May 5, 2011 / Blogging/ Web / 0 Comments

GoDaddy has been my domain name registrar and web hosting service provider since September 2010.  I had been happy with GoDaddy until I first read about the disturbing video posted by its CEO, Bob Parsons, from David Airey’s blog.  I didn’t get to watch the original video but I believe this is the closest to what it was about.

Was Bob Parsons really just trying to help the villagers in Zimbabwe by killing the “problem elephant”?  I could be wrong but…to me, he just sounded like a man who shot and brutally killed an elephant possibly for his personal enjoyment.  He was obviously wrong when he said, “killing the elephant was justified because there are too many of them in Zimbabwe”.

Whatever his actual intentions were, I know this for a fact—Bob Parsons didn’t have to kill the “problem elephant” and he could have found a different way of helping the villagers.  After all, he is a millionaire—or billionaire—who can afford to feed everyone in the village for days, weeks, probably even for months if he really wanted to!

Elephants are the most traumatized animals in Zimbabwe. They are being shot even in supposedly safe areas. Elephants travel in family units, and when one of their loved ones are shot and killed, the rest of the family remembers and they are traumatized and they will attack. They are very intelligent animals with phenomenal memories. When they see humans now, they remember.

-Johnny Rodrigues in Zimbabwe

On April 9, 2011, I transferred my domain name to NameCheap.  NameCheap offered a nice discount to people who transferred their domain from GoDaddy.  They announced that they would donate $1 for every transfer to Save The Elephants.  After five full days of the promotion, they had already raised over $20,000 and even donated another $10,000 as a big thank-you to all of their supporters and new customers.  You can read more about this on their blog.

My website is now hosted by ICDSoft now.  Thanks to David Airey, I received 25% off (no longer available) of what was already a great deal.