Pukka Featured on Malakye

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Our company, Pukka, is featured on Malakye in Company Q&A section this week.  (A few months ago, I mentioned that I started a new job.  Well…to be more specific, I’ve been working as a graphic designer at Pukka Inc, formerly known as FDI or Factory Direct International, for a little over seven months now.)  You can read the full article and view sneak-peek photos of our Irvine office and products here.

I love working for Pukka and am very proud to be a part of the design team here.


Pukka also recently won the “Best new Product Award” at 2013 PGA Show in Orange County, CA.  Here’s my awesome boss, Shawn Rogers, holding the award.

Photo of Shawn Rogers via Pukka Facebook

The Reinvented Sketchbook Project

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I received an e-newsletter from Art House Co-op this morning with exciting news about the reinvented Sketchbook Project.

Since The Sketchbook Project was started six years ago, people from over 135 countries participated and the Art House Co-op staff has traveled almost 50,000 miles to share their collection of sketchbooks with others all over the United States.  With the ever-growing number of participants and sketchbooks, the staff wanted “something that would be more accessible and easier for them to visit more cities and reach more people”.  As a result, The Mobile Library was created.  The Mobile Library is a custom built 16-foot trailer that will travel the back roads of America year-round hoping to reach as many as 45 cities a year.  It already has a schedule of 20 cities in 2013.

Do you love to draw and share your creations with others? Well, it’s never too late to participate in The Sketchbook Project.

One of the perks of the new Sketchbook Project is the rolling submission.  Sign-ups for The Sketchbook Project are not just once a year anymore.  Now you can sign up any time throughout the year and you can even have endless time to work on your sketchbook.

In the past, once you signed up for The Sketchbook Project, you had to send it back to The Art House Co-op by a set deadline.  For example, when you signed up for The Sketchbook Project 2012, your sketchbook had to be postmarked by January 31, 2012 in order for it to be part of The Sketchbook Project Tour 2012.  If your sketchbook wasn’t postmarked by then, you had to sign up for the next project in 2013 and start filling up a brand new sketchbook.  With the rolling submission, you can now spend as much time on your sketchbook as you need before sending it back.

Image from thesketchbookproject.com.

Unique LA Holiday Show 2012

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I apologize for the lack of blog posts for the last three months.  I’ve been staying busy with this holiday season and my new job — I started a new job in August this year and am in love with it!  Speaking of the holiday season, are you all done with your Christmas shopping?  If not, there will be Unique LA Holiday Show this weekend — December 1 & 2 — and I’m going!

R.pellicer and Collisionware — two of my favorites from this year’s Unique LA Spring Show — will be selling their products again at the Holiday Show.  Even if you’re done Christmas shopping or used up all of your shopping budget, it’d still be fun to see what other fellow designers, artists, or crafters have been working on and to support the US-made products!

Unique LA Holiday Show photo via stateofunique.com.

Mike Tracy, Instructor at Art Institute, Is Fired for Refusing to Sell Unnecessary Textbooks

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As you may already know, I graduated from Art Institute of California — Orange County with a degree in Media Arts & Animation.  While attending AIOC, I had a few favorite instructors and Mike Tracy was one of them.  I’d always try to sign up for his figure drawing or digital animation/painting classes.  (Oh, and Mr. Ewing was my other favorite figure drawing and painting instructor!)

Mike Tracy is an amazing artist with a great passion for his students.  If you have ever been in one of his classes, you probably know what I mean.  He’s been teaching at Art Institute of California — Orange County for eleven years but was recently fired for refusing to sell students e-textbooks that he didn’t think were necessary for some of his classes.

Since my graduation, I’ve heard stories about how AIOC has become more of a corporate trying to make as much profit as possible rather than a school that genuinely cares about what’s best for their students…judging “teachers by another criteria: how many e-textbooks each teacher sells to their students (excerpt from Cartoon Brew).”

Tracy, who has taught drawing and digital painting for eleven years at AIC—Orange County, felt that his class didn’t require the textbooks he was suddenly being asked to sell and told the school that he would prefer to teach without them. Tracy’s reward for working in the best interest of his cash-strapped, loan-burdened students was a termination notice from the school.

Cartoon Brew

Here’s what Mike Tracy wrote on his Facebook a few days before he got fired:

As many of you know, I have been in a dispute with our school, the Art Institutes, for some months now, over their policy of mandatory e-textbooks in classes where their inclusion seems arbitrary, inappropriate and completely motivated by profit. In July I asked the US Department of Education, the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education and WASC (our accrediting agency) to look into my concerns.  Since that time, the school and its parent company EDMC have escalated the pressure on me to select a book for a class I teach that I don’t think requires one.

Today, the President of the school, Greg Marick, presented me with an ultimatum; either choose a book by Tuesday, Aug 14th or the company will terminate my employment for insubordination. My response, of course, is that I will not change my mind on this issue and that I’m determined to resist the policy however I can. I think this means that, as of this week, I will no longer be teaching at AI.

I want you, my students and colleagues to know that it has been my great honor and privilege to have worked with you over the last 11 years, and that I will miss the opportunity to work for you and with you. I have enjoyed my time as a teacher very much, but it appears as though it is now time to move on. Furthermore, you can count on me to continue the struggle that I have instigated on this issue, if only from the outside. Although it aint over till it’s over, it looks like a 99.5% deal, barring an 11th hour change of heart by the corporation, which would surprise me.

Mike Tracy

You can read more about this here and here.  Mike was officially fired on August 14, 2012 but he’s “going to continue to work on getting this ebook thing addressed”.

To me, the reason why AIOC fired Mike Tracy seems so unfair and ridiculous.  AI students now have lost a very valuable instructor and Mike Tracy will be missed very much.

I do not regret going to AIOC.  I’m glad that I received my Bacehelor of Science degree.  I met many great people while attending AIOC and I still keep in touch with some of them.  I also got to learn a lot of things I may not have learned if I didn’t attend art school.

If you’re thinking of receiving a degree in art or design, I highly encourage you to do a lot of research — research on AIOC and other art schools — before you make your final decision on which school to attend.  Most of the instructors I’ve met at AIOC are great but I sometimes feel like the school cares more about their profit than their students.  Also, you do not need to go to an expensive art school to be a successful artist or designer.  I’ve met and known plenty of talented, successful artists and designers who are all or mostly self-taught.  Well, I myself studied animation in art school but have never really utilized my major since graduation.

My “Roxy Apparel Graphics 2012” Project Featured at Coroflot

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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you probably already know that I had a nice little surprise this morning:  I received an e-mail from Coroflot, notifying me that my “Roxy Apparel Graphics 2012” project is featured on their website today.  What a great way to start Tuesday!

I was literally surprised because I actually just posted the Roxy apparel graphics to my online portfolio and Coroflot yesterday.

Thank you so much, Coroflot, for featuring my work!

Oh, by the way, if you’re an artist or designer but are not familiar with Coroflot, make sure to go visit their website.  Coroflot is where designers or artists can create online portfolios for free and also a great website for job seekers.  I highly recommend creating your free online portfolio at Coroflot and upload your work today if you haven’t done so, yet.  Many companies — both small and big — such as Oakley, Vans, and BCBG use Coroflot to find their next new hires.  Also, you may be surprised to see how many people directly contact you through Coroflot to let you know about their company’s new freelance or full-time opportunities.

2012 Orange County Fair

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I’ve been to Orange County Fair twice this year and you know what that means!  Lots of adorable animals, heart-attack foods that you may only see at Orange County Fair, rides, games, all sorts of shops, shows, etc.

A couple of years ago, when I went to OC Fair for the very first time, I ate fried chicken with fried zucchini for dinner and fried Oreo for dessert…which eventually made me feel too sickly.  Haha!  Never doing that again.  This year, I tried one of the chicken shish kabobs and had a tiny bit of OC Fair junk food — I shared a fried Klondike with my boyfriend and it was delish.

This Sunday, August 12, is the very last day of 2012 OC Fair.  If you haven’t done so, yet, make sure to check it out.  Oh, when are you at the fair, don’t forget to try at least one of these: fried Oreo, fried Klondike, apple fries, and chocolate-covered bacon!

Unique LA Spring Show 2012: Photo Galore

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On Saturday, May 12, I went to UNIQUE LA Spring Show and I had a blast!  The show was filled with over 325 talented designers and artists who make their products locally.

The admission ticket was only $10 and it included free drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), an exclusive UNIQUE LA tote bag, free DIY workshops, and other fun stuff.

UNIQUE partners with a non-profit for every show and donates 10% of ticket sales to the organization.  What a great way to support local business and community!

UNIQUE LA show is by far the best independent design show I’ve ever been to.  I not only had a great time checking out locally-made products by so many talented designers and artists but also was very inspired by the stories behind each vendor. There will be another UNIQUE LA Show in July and December 2012.  If you live in or around LA, make sure to attend at least one of them.  If you are a designer or artist yourself, this is a great opportunity to meet fellow designers and network!

Scroll down to see photos of some of the vendors I really liked.  View more photos of the show on UNIQUE Flickr page!


I just love the bright colors Rochelle chose for her suede clutches and bags!  All of her suede products are hand-cut and hand-sewn with love right in Los Angelens.  She also had Artist Series Bag #7 that I recently worked on.

Rochelle Pellicer is the owner and designer of R.pellicer.  She’s my good friend and former colleague.  Rochelle is one busy lady.  She works full-time as an in-house designer while maintaining and designing for R.pellicer.  Click here or here to check out R.pellicer products.


I probably spent at least 20 minutes or so, sniffing too-cute-to-burn candles by Kokocandles and talking to the owner and designer, Paoling.  If I remember it right, Paoling has been making candles for over 10 years as a hobby and started selling them through her online shop and show/events such as UNIQUE LA a few years ago.

I grabbed a couple of soy candles in Wonderland and Hazelnut Latte for Mother’s Day.  On my way back home, my car was just filled with scents of Kokocandles and it smelled much better than when I have a car freshener.


Aren’t these soooooooooooo cute?  I bought a mustache-printed oven mitt and now I can bake and cook in style.  (I loved all of Collisionware’s products that I had a hard time picking one to buy.)  Angie, the owner and designer, hand-picks all fabrics.  Everything, including her colorful vinyl wallets, are hand-made by Angie.

Angie recently quit her 9-5 job to follow her dream of making a living, selling her hand-made products.

Stacey Winters

Stacey Winters is a talented freelance photographer in San Diego, California.  She enjoys capturing images of people, pets, nature, and vintage items.  Stacey not only takes photos but also creates and sells products with her photographs such as prints, cards, and garlands.  At UNIQUE LA Spring Show, she was also selling little stud earrings — which you can see in the photo above — using her photographed images.

Easter Cupcakes & What I’ve Been Up To

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I hope everyone had a fun Easter Sunday with family and loved ones!  It’s been a while since my last blog post and here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

I had a half day at work on Good Friday.  Right when I got home from work, I went straight to a grocery store to buy ingredients for Easter cupcakes.  That night, I spent 5+ hours baking 48 cupcakes.  24 Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting + 24 Vegan Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.  The next day which was Saturday, I took 28 cupcakes with me to Park Terrace Senior Living in Rancho Santa Margarita where my best friend, Veronica, plays flute every Saturday during church service (Park Terrace has a small chapel inside the building).  As you can see in the photos, Veronica and I were having a lot of fun (probably too much fun, hehe) setting up the table with cupcakes.

Just in case you’re interested, here’s the recipe for Vegan Dark Chocolate Cupcakes and Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.  Oh, by the way, the Chocolate Buttercream Frosting was a little too sweet for me, so I tweaked the recipe by adding more cocoa powder.  I also added extra milk since I like my frosting on a more creamy side.

I recently created another online portfolio at Coroflot and finally added a couple of projects to my Behance page.  I created the Behance account years ago but never added anything to it until now.  I’ll continue updating my Coroflot portfolio as I update my portfolio here at Daxis Design.  I plan on adding more stuff to my Behance page as I keep working on personal/self-initiated projects as well.

Nowadays, I’ve been busy working on The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition.  I need to complete my sketchbook and mail it back to NY by April 30, so I’ll probably stay busy for the next couple of weeks.  🙂